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Integrative Wellness
Whole Person Approach
Kym Sorensen, MS Nutrition & Integrative Health
Meet Kym

Why Integrative Nutrition?

It can help with

Kym Sorensen (MSNIH)  is an integrative nutritionist and wellness coach who is passionate about functional healthcare.  She uses a whole-person approach and develops individualized care plans for clients that allow them to reach optimal wellness. By utilizing a combination of integrative nutrition, medical history, genetic factors, client goals and lifestyle, she helps people restore balance in their lives.  The emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of a person are always honored and incorporated into her recommendations. Her goal is to empower clients by teaching them a comprehensive model of self-care so that they can take care of themselves and remain healthy.  Her proven method of motivation, her high level of engagement and her genuine interest in each person's goals sets her apart from others in the field.   

Kym developed her strong passion for helping others achieve their wellness goals through working in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.  While she enjoyed seeing peoples' lives improved through the products she worked with, she knew through personal experience that diet and lifestyle interventions could have prevented the need for extreme medical interventions in the first place.  She realized that she wanted to help people achieve their optimal wellness and made a mid-career change to pursue her passion.  Now, drawing on her years of experience and education, she has a better understanding of how to help people achieve their goals, regain their vitality, and remain healthy in the long term. Her approach is to integrate both conventional and integrative perspectives, with an emphasis on preventative diet and lifestyle changes.


 She holds a Master of Science in Nutrition & Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health, one of the leading integrative universities in the United States. 

Why Naturopathy
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Weight Loss

Fad diets and weight loss hacks do not work long term.  Individualized diet and lifestyle changes do.


Constant fatigue is often the result of one or more areas of our life being out of balance.  We can help you restore your energy naturally.


Gas, bloating, extreme hunger, irregular bowel movements are all signs of poor digestion.  

Peri-menopause / menopause

Irregular periods, hot flashes, night sweats, sleep changes, weight gain, mood swings, increasing headaches, digestive upset and fatigue are just some of the issues that can arise during this time.  There are natural ways to address them.

In order to perform at the highest levels, athletes need to have an individualized approach to their nutrition because one size does not fit all.   This is especially important for young athletes laying the foundation for long term health and performance.

Optimizing performance


“Kym's depth of knowledge and relentless commitment to helping me reach my goals is like nothing I've experienced in healthcare so far.  I cannot recommend her enough.”

— Natalie B. (Los Angeles, CA.)



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